Happy Civil Rights Day!

Before 1999, the federal holiday known today as “Martin Luther King Jr Day” was called “Civil Rights Day” in various states. A petition was started by the King family to create the federal holiday observing Martin Luther Jr. Many states opposed this, contending that the entire Civil Rights movement and all of its activists should be honored. But in 1999 the bill to observe “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” was passed.
While Martin Luther King Jr. was a prodigious man and certainly deserves to be revered, in observing this holiday, don’t forget to commend all of the men and women that were a part of the fighting effort in the revolution they made.

I think its a shame that as opposed to celebrating a revolution people celebrate a man. In only commemorating a singular man, we have failed to remember the thousands of people who fought tooth and nail for the movement that has forever reshaped our country and culture.